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Campbell, MO
Young boy hanging in a tree, seen during a full moon

Cape Girardeau, MO
Heartland Health Care Center-Former residents come back to haunt.
Pike Lodge-Former school house, ghost of a young girl killed in the early 1900s haunts what is now a lodge for the Pi Kappa Alpha.
Southeast Missouri State University-Cheney Hall, The Music Building, and The Rose Theater.

Charleston, MO
Upper Big Lake-The ghost of a fisherman that was killed by the ghost of his nephew he accidentally killed.

Dexter, MO
Holmes House-Rumored to be part of the underground railroad. Said to have underground quarters.
Hagy Cemetery-County Road 602 and North Hickory Street unexplained paranormal activity.
Sadlers Cemetery-No information yet describing activity.

Doniphan, MO
Cemetery-Full moon, the statue of an angel cries tears of blood, walking through the cemetery voices of the dead can be heard.

Senath, MO
Senath Light-Located off highway 412, the light comes close to vehicles, and if it comes in contact with your vehicle the paint will be scortched or bubbled where the light came in contact.

East Prairie
The Light-Off highway BB, the ghost of a man looking for his head that he lost when a train ran over him and cut it off in the 1930s.

Jackson, MO
Public high school-The ghost of a janitor haunts one of the bathrooms.

Malden, MO
Location unknown-The tombstone of an unknown soldier glows at night.

New Madrid, MO
The Hunter Dawson Home-Historic home, employees and individuals living near home report strange happenings.

Poplar Bluff, MO
Corner of Vine and Broadway, Overby's Furniture Store, once used as a temporary court and jail, ghost of a woman that hung herself roams the building.

Railroad tracks-Beautiful girl carrying bucket of water to thirsty travelers, her name is Charity.

Wilcox Road Railroad Tracks-Numerous hauntings and unexplained events.

Sikeston, MO
Hart Cemetery-Strange lights over the cemetery.

Sewer by Lee Hunter-Sit in your vehicle with the engine turned off, you will hear cries of a child.

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